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Escrita por: Max Ostryzhko

Calificación de BlueHost

  • Confiabilidad
    9.2 / 10
  • Tarifas
    8.3 / 10
  • Fácil de usar
    5 / 10
  • Soporte técnico
    5 / 10
  • Características
    8 / 10
Calificación según Max Ostryzhko

BlueHost: Alojamiento web consolidado y simple

BlueHost es uno en un grupo de cuatro alojamientos web administrados por la misma persona (otros en el grupo son HostMonster, JustHost y FastDomain).BlueHost, el alojamiento original establecido en 1996, es uno de los más antiguos; con más de 1 millón de dominios administrados, es también uno de los más populares.

Pero los otros servicios en el grupo brindan casi las mismas funciones, así que simplemente elige el que tenga el mejor precio para ti, y te darás cuenta de que estarás accediendo a los mismos recursos y los mismos cerebros en el back end.

Comparativamente, BlueHost es el más costoso, pero tiene el mayor reconocimiento de marca. La empresa sabe qué características son las más populares, y las ofrecen un precio bajo por ellas.

Ellos proporcionan lo básico -dominios ilimitados, correo electrónico, ancho de banda y espacio en disco- y BlueHost agrega el dominio gratis cuando compras un año de alojamiento web. Para los usuarios que quieren la capacidad de administrar un súper ancho de banda, como los negocios que necesitan un servicio de comercio electrónico robusto, hay un plan nivel profesional más costoso con SSL, dirección IP dedicada, y un CPU más fuerte.

Uptime & Reliability


Basically Perfect

Bluehost doesn’t promise a specific number in terms of uptime percentages, but they claim to be the best in the business. Our tests show 99.9% uptime for BlueHost.com. Users can boost security with SSL and SSH encryption, their servers utilize 10 GB connections, they have a UPS power backup system, and a super-strong server. Still, there’s a plethora of former customers out there who gripe about the slow load time.



Oodles of Features

In addition to the unlimited basics, BlueHost has all sorts of neat features available like support for multiple types of coding (like PHP, Perl 5, Python, Javascript, and Flash). There’s also an easy website builder with templates, e-commerce, and media options for users who want a website but aren’t familiar with coding,

Feature Description
Disk SpaceYou are allowed unlimited disk space with all BlueHost accounts.
Website BuilderBluehost includes a slim version of website builder Weebly, which allows you to build a six page website for free, then you can pay to create more than that. Also, Wwith a single click you can install simple script applications that build sites like WordPress.
Email AccountsYou are allowed unlimited email accounts with all BlueHost accounts, plus POP, IMAP, and a trio of webmail options.
Shopping CartsBlueHost gives you the option of choosing between OS Commerce Shopping Cart, Agora, Cube Cart, or Zen Cart.t
StatsBlueHost gives you the option of choosing betwee Awstats and Webalizer to keep an eye on your website traffic.
MySQL databasesYou get MySQL 5 databases with all BlueHost accounts.t
FTP AccountYou are allowed unlimited FTP accounts and access with all BlueHost accounts.
Multiple DomainsYou are allowed unlimited domain hosting with all BlueHost accounts.



Unhappy Former Customers

On paper, Bluehost has everything you could want in terms of support – live 24/7 chat, phone support, a ticketed email system, and a user forum – but looking at online forums, there are a lot of angry and disappointed voices, and the masses usually aren’t wrong. The video tutorial library was pretty weak.



Standard Pricing, No Moneyback Guarantee

BlueHost’s basic package price is average, but what really stands out is the lack of a money-back guarantee. This is especially bad when you consider the big price break comes with a three year contract: if you sign up for the long-term and suddenly find that your site is down regularly, there’s no way to switch hosts or to get your money back. If you have major bandwidth needs, the pro-level plan isn’t really competitively priced. This is really a better web host for individuals and companies that never anticipate growing past a certain level.

User Friendly


cPanel Crowded with Promos

BlueHost uses cPanel, a familiar interface and the gold standard in control panels. However, BlueHost has so many add-on services available through promotions that they take up too much space in the cPanel, obscure what’s obviously necessary—all in an atempt to get you to shell out more money.


BlueHost doesn’t cater to any one group in particular: newbies might not get the support they need and may be confused by the crowding from promos. Advanced users might be disappointed with the weak CPU strength and miss some features they need. For the most part, BlueHost does what it says it will; it’s just not boasting of anything too exciting.   Pros

  • Low cost packages
  • Single-click installation of e-commerce solutions
  • Single-click installation of WordPress
  • Unlimited basics (domains, email addresses, bandwidth, disk space)
  • US-based live phone and chat support, plus email tickets
  • Free domain with purchase of one year of hosting


  • Base price missing lots of good features
  • Mediocre customer support
  • Issues with email service
  • Issues with slow load time

Opiniones de usuarios de BlueHost

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Puntaje de clientes para BlueHost

  • Reliability
    4.7 / 10
  • Pricing
    5.0 / 10
  • User Friendly
    4.8 / 10
  • Support
    4.0 / 10
  • Features
    4.7 / 10

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Michelle R
Estados Unidos
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 6.0
  • Fácil de usar 2.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 2.0

WORST provider EVER

Servicio utilizado: Compartido
Stay far, far away. This company has crashed my site so many times in the past year, costing me thousands of dollars. The support team is absolutely terrible. Crash your site in 30 seconds, will take hours or DAYS to fix.
Michael Elbaz
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 2.0
  • Fácil de usar 2.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 2.0

Worst company on earth; constantly stealing my money

Servicio utilizado: Compartido - Plus
For the 3rd year in a row I'm canceling the auto-renawl, making sure with the support team and recieving confiormation in the email for the cancelation of the service. This is the 3rd
year in a row I'm being charged for a service...Leer más
Gary Craig
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 2.0
  • Fácil de usar 2.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 2.0

If this review stops just one person from joining BlueHost then I'm hjappy

Servicio utilizado: Compartido - Basic
As we speak I'm trying to resolve an issue on my site with a BlueHost representative. I spend more time speaking to them about my problems than my own mother. I'm not even a review type person, good or bad but people need to avoid...Leer más
Marco C
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 4.0
  • Fácil de usar 4.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 2.0

Constant Issues and Multiple Fronts!!

Servicio utilizado: VPS
The issues we see consistently on monthly basis - we are on the phone with Bluehost support Weekly, sometime Daily. Monthly when things going ok!! Problems and issues we run into constantly include:

1) CPanel Rendering Issues -...Leer más
Joanne Cooper
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 2.0
  • Fácil de usar 2.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 2.0

Security Fraud: Stay Out of This Site

Servicio utilizado: Servidor Dedicado - Standard
Stay away from BlueHost. We have malware issues with our site about every 3 months.

Their latest was an email we received that said this:

Your bluehorseshoesecrets.com account has been deactivated due to the detection of mal...Leer más
Amy S
Estados Unidos
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 2.0
  • Fácil de usar 2.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 2.0


Servicio utilizado: Compartido - Basic
Do not rely on Bluehost. After three frustrating days and multiple different answers, I still have no solution as to why and how my mailbox is over quota. No communication was ever sent from Bluehost regarding the email but many w...Leer más
April Hietala
  • Confiabilidad 10
  • Tarifas 10
  • Fácil de usar 10
  • Soporte técnico 10
  • Características 10

best customer service

Servicio utilizado: VPS - Premium

i recently subscribed to bluehost and all i can say that they assist me so good in setting up our emails, first their customer service chat are always online, anytime of the day i need assistance they are able to chat with ...Leer más
Shankar Menon
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 2.0
  • Fácil de usar 2.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 2.0

Worst Hosting Provide Ever!

Servicio utilizado: Compartido - Plus
Please do not make the mistake I made. They locked me into a plan with promises of excellent chat and knowledgeable support staff, It is probably the worst service provider I have ever dealt with. Their much hyped support staff is...Leer más
Estados Unidos
  • Confiabilidad 6.0
  • Tarifas 8.0
  • Fácil de usar 6.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 6.0

bad customer service for business use

Servicio utilizado: Compartido
I have been using bluehost for the last two years. I really haven't had any issues with using them but for some reason my pw for my account was changed. I am the only one who has access to it, and I know that I didn't change it.
...Leer más


Servicio Rango de precios
Hosting Compartido 2,52 € - 4,66 € Ver planes
VPS 17,11 € - 51,34 € Ver planes
Servidor Dedicado 68,46 € - 102,69 € Ver planes
Hosting Cloud 5,95 € - 13,65 € Ver planes
Los servicios y precios son tomados de www.bluehost.com

Precios, Planes y Características de BlueHost - 2018

Planes de Hosting Compartido

Nombre del Plan Espacio Ancho de banda Número de sitios Precio
50 GB Ilimitado Ilimitado 2,52 €
Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado 4,66 €
Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado 4,66 €

Planes de Hosting VPS

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio
30 GB 2 núcleos 2 GB 17,11 €
60 GB 2 núcleos 4 GB 25,67 €
120 GB 3 núcleos 6 GB 38,50 €
240 GB 4 núcleos 8 GB 51,34 €

Planes de Servidor Dedicado

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio
5 TB 4 x 2.50GHz 4 GB 68,46 €
10 TB 4 x 2.50GHz 8 GB 85,57 €
15 TB 4 x 3.30GHz 16 GB 102,69 €

Planes de hosting en la nube

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM Ancho de banda Precio
100 GB 2 núcleos 2 GB Ilimitado 5,95 €
Ilimitado 4 núcleos 4 GB Ilimitado 7,66 €
Ilimitado 6 núcleos 6 GB Ilimitado 13,65 €
Incluye un dominio gratis cuando adquieres cualquier servicio de hosting de BlueHost

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