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  • Confiabilidad
    8.5 / 10
  • Tarifas
    8.7 / 10
  • Fácil de usar
    8.0 / 10
  • Soporte técnico
    8.5 / 10
  • Características
    8.3 / 10

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María Teresa
  • Confiabilidad 10
  • Tarifas 10
  • Fácil de usar 8.0
  • Soporte técnico 10
  • Características 10

El soporte ha mejorado tremendamente

Servicio utilizado: Cloud
Tuve un problema con un VPS y lo resolvieron rapidísimo, la persona que me atendió al teléfono supo enseguida donde estaba el problema y fue muy amable y profesional. Se nota que esto ha mejorado mucho en los últimos años, me ha d ... Leer más
David Patiño
  • Confiabilidad 10
  • Tarifas 8.0
  • Fácil de usar 8.0
  • Soporte técnico 10
  • Características 10

Soporte muy bueno

Servicio utilizado: Compartido
Dificultades para conectar en vRack, servidores dedicados (DO-32) y proyectos de cloud público (con ), solventado gracias a una gran ayuda técnica y muy detallada en pocas horas.
Jose Roig
  • Confiabilidad 8.0
  • Tarifas 6.0
  • Fácil de usar 8.0
  • Soporte técnico 10
  • Características 8.0

Excelente soporte

Servicio utilizado: Cloud - VPS Cloud 3
Tuve un problema por el cual se modificaron mis claves de acceso al servidor, pero ellos muy amablemente me han ayudado e incluso me han dado soporte hasta volver a tener acceso y todo en orden.
Leadsolution Inteligencia Digital.
  • Confiabilidad 10
  • Tarifas 10
  • Fácil de usar 10
  • Soporte técnico 10
  • Características 10

Excelente soporte brindado y muy rápidos en la solución,

Servicio utilizado: Cloud
Han sido muy amables y correctos en todo momento, han brindado mas soluciones, aportes y ayuda de la que se puede esperar.


Servicio Rango de precios
Hosting Compartido 2,14 € - 10,75 € Ver planes
VPS 2,14 € - 16,13 € Ver planes
Servidor Dedicado 88,21 € - 206,60 € Ver planes
Hosting Cloud 10,75 € - 64,54 € Ver planes
Los servicios y precios son tomados de www.ovh.es

Opinión de Experto sobre OVH Hispano 2018

Escrita por: Michael Lavnduski

Calificación de OVH Hispano

  • Confiabilidad
    9.5 / 10
  • Tarifas
    9 / 10
  • Fácil de usar
    9 / 10
  • Soporte técnico
    8.5 / 10
  • Características
    9 / 10
Calificación según Michael Lavnduski
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Top Global Hosting Provider

OVH Hispano is the Spain based hosting wing of OVH, which is one of the largest and most successful hosting companies in the world.  In fact, the company claims that it is the third largest internet hosting company in the world.  They have over 200,000 servers, 17 data centers, 18 Million web applications hosted and operate directly in 16 different countries.  There is no doubt that this is one of the major players in the world of web hosting.

They offer shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, cloud hosting and options for resellers too.  In addition to operating world class hosting services they also provide IT certifications, R&D, technical resources and security professionals.  Whether you're looking to host a small personal website or a major corporate page, this company will be able to help you along the way.

Uptime & Reliability


Great Reliability

The reliability of your hosting will be excellent for any package, and if you choose one of their redundant cloud services it is even better.  The company says they are developing fail-over IPs and also offer load balancing, which will further improve the stability of the company.  Some of the features will depend on which data center you have your site housed in, but they are all quite good.  The bottom line here is that you won't have any trouble in terms of outages with this company.



Lots of Options Available

As you look through the different sections and services on the OVH website you will quickly see that they have a lot of features available.  First, their shared hosting service offers three different packages, each of which are designed to meet small or maybe mid sized websites.  They are reasonable in terms of disk space, bandwidth and more.

If you have a larger site or get more traffic, you'll want to move to their VPS services.  They do offer VPS servers that have solid state drives, which can help improve the overall speed of your website.  This company offers cloud services along with their VPS hosting, which will allow you to further increase the uptime for your websites.

The dedicated servers start at pretty low level and move up from there.  This gives you plenty of options to ensure you're getting the power you need without overpaying for something you don't.  Their dedicated servers can also come with cloud technology to help improve reliability and speed.  You can choose to have the dedicated servers housed in a variety of data centers to ensure it is close to your customers.



24/7 Tech Support

The tech support with this company is very responsive and they really know what they are doing.  Given how many sites and other equipment they support it is no surprise that they do such a good job.  There have been some people I found who complained about not getting the help they needed when they submitted a ticket.  Given the size of the company, however, it is easy to see how things can fall through the cracks occasionally. They also have pages for showing the status of their network, servers and data centers, which is very nice.



Excellent Pricing Options

The prices vary significantly based on the packages you choose.  You can, for example, get a SSD VPS hosting package starting at just $3.49 per month.  This is a great price, and while you won't be getting too much hard disk space or other features, it does give you the control of a VPS.  Even with cloud hosting options it starts at just $8.99, which is a great deal.  Once you move past the initial hosting packages, the prices do go up significantly.  You do, however, get what you pay for.


High Quality Hosting

It is easy to see why this is one of the largest hosting providers in the world.  They have a lot to offer and have been doing it for many years.  They have the experience needed to build a powerful hosting environment while keeping the prices low so you can still afford them.  With so many data centers, servers and features you can almost certainly find the hosting you need no matter what it is you're looking for.


  • Great Uptime
  • One of the Largest Hosting Companies in the World
  • Lots of Options


  • Difficult to find what you need on their website


Visita OVH Hispano Ver planes y tarifas

Precios, Planes y Características de OVH Hispano - 2018

Planes de Hosting Compartido

Nombre del Plan Espacio Ancho de banda Número de sitios Precio Score
100 GB Ilimitado Ilimitado 2,14 € 8.4
250 GB Ilimitado Ilimitado 5,37 € 8.4
500 GB Ilimitado Ilimitado 10,75 € 8.4

Planes de Hosting VPS

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio Score
10 GB 1 núcleo 1 GB 2,14 € 10
25 GB 2 núcleos 2 GB 5,37 € 7.2
50 GB 3 núcleos 4 GB 8,60 € 8.4
100 GB 4 núcleos 8 GB 16,13 € 8.4

Planes de Servidor Dedicado

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio Score
3.91 TB 4 x 3.70GHz 64 GB 88,21 € 3.6
3.91 TB 6 x 3.10GHz 32 GB 88,21 € 8.4
5.86 TB 4 x 3.70GHz 32 GB 88,21 € 8.4
3.91 TB 8 x 3.10GHz 64 GB 120,50 € 8.4
3.91 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 128 GB 142,02 € 8.4
5.86 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 64 GB 152,78 € 8.4
5.86 TB 8 x 2.60GHz 128 GB 206,60 € 8.4

Planes de hosting en la nube

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM Ancho de banda Precio Score
25 GB 2 núcleos 2 GB Ilimitado 10,75 € 8.4
50 GB 4 núcleos 4 GB Ilimitado 17,20 € 8.4
100 GB 6 núcleos 8 GB Ilimitado 32,27 € 9.0
200 GB 8 núcleos 16 GB Ilimitado 64,54 € 8.4

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