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  • Confiabilidad
    5.0 / 10
  • Tarifas
    6.0 / 10
  • Fácil de usar
    6.0 / 10
  • Soporte técnico
    5.0 / 10
  • Características
    5.0 / 10

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Esther García
  • Confiabilidad8
  • Tarifas8
  • Fácil de usar10
  • Soporte técnico8
  • Características8

Mucho tiempo sin fallos

Servicio utilizado: Compartido
Moved from Piensa Solutions
Llevo ya 7 años alojando con ellos varios blogs y no he tenido ningún problema. He escrito un ticket en 3 ocasiones y siempre me han contestado antes de 1 hora.

Me gusta mucho el nuevo look del área de cliente.
Domingo Garcia
  • Confiabilidad2
  • Tarifas4
  • Fácil de usar2
  • Soporte técnico2
  • Características2

Solo barato

Servicio utilizado: Compartido
LO contrate por el precio (dnsystem), pero he tenido problemas de todo tipo ,quedarme sin correo , sin web. El servicio tecnico , los ticket los contesta cuando quiere y el "902 " EN ESPERA.....
Tengo el mismo problema q el anterior comentario.
Dan muchos problemas en la gestion de los dominios.
Fallos para acceder a cpanel, webmail.
En el telefono de contacto ponen una grabacion, esperas para dejar el mensaje y se cuelga la llamada.
Un desastre lo barato sale caro.


Servicio Rango de precios
Shared Hosting 1,88 € - 6,25 € Ver planes
Dedicated Server 64,65 € Ver planes
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Opinión de Experto sobre Iberica Solutions 2018

Escrita por: Michael Lavnduski

Calificación de Iberica Solutions

  • Confiabilidad
    8.5 / 10
  • Tarifas
    9 / 10
  • Fácil de usar
    8.5 / 10
  • Soporte técnico
    9 / 10
  • Características
    9 / 10
Calificación según Michael Lavnduski

Full Tech Solutions Company

Iberica Solutions is a Spanish hosting company with servers located in Madrid that offers a wide variety of technical services to customers across Europe with a focus on those in Spain. While they do have some nice hosting options, this is not their only service.  Some people will appreciate having the other services available, but others will find them to be a distraction.  The important thing is to be aware that this is not exclusively a hosting company.

Uptime & Reliability


No guarantees but Hosting Seems Stable

No guarantees are visible on the site’s pages and I was unable to find Iberica’s terms of service or any statement that included availability.  As I’ve noticed the absence of these claims on other international hosting companies’ websites, I strongly suspect that this is more of a cultural issue than a performance one.  It could well be that the “best effort for availability” is assumed rather than requiring a guarantee in writing.



Generous features

One thing that stands out on Iberica’s site; hosting services are offered 100% free for 15 days to allow potential customers to determine what package they require and to learn if Iberica has the capability to deliver to their expectations. Mail exchange is listed as a new service with different packages offered based on the number of users.  Unlike many other mail providers, Iberica uses the full power of Microsoft Exchange to allow the maximum benefit of collaboration using calendars, email, and sharing contacts via cloud services. Web hosting is offered in three different levels, from the individual blogger or storefront business to a package that should support a medium-sized firm. Dedicated servers are available in Linux and Windows and the variety of CPU power and memory permits any size customer to find a server that will fit their needs. No setup fees are charged on any dedicated server bundle. VPS is offered in Linux only and has the abundant choices found in the dedicated server offerings. Streaming audio service performs at 128 bps and comes in different capabilities for as little as 25 all the way up to 200 listeners. AutoDJ software comes with all selections.



Good support in Local Language

One feature that Iberica offers is that they have customer service staff that speak Castilian, a dialect of Spanish that is native to the central region of Spain.  This could be a big draw to Castilian-speaking customers, just as I prefer that I speak to an American English speaker when I call a support center over someone who has a different native language; it makes it that much easier to communicate. No support services other than phone and email are offered on any of the pages, but it is quite possible that more options available for customers once they sign in to their Iberia account.



Good prices

Iberica does a nice job of offering their products at levels suited for just about any need.  Web mail starts at just €5.00 ($5.30 USD) per month for up to 10+ clients. Web hosting prices range from €2.15-€7.15 ($2.28-7.58 USD) monthly for different size accounts, but all come with unlimited bandwidth and email accounts. VPS packages start at €20.48 ($21.72) monthly for an account with 512 MB RAM with one CPU to €62.62 ($66.41 USD). Dedicated servers start at €74.00 ($78.48 USD) per month for a single CPU platform and go up to € 195.50 ($207.35 USD) for a server that has a total of 16 CPU’s. Streaming services start at €10.00 ($10.61 USD) for 250 GB of hosting and go up to €30 ($USD 31.82) a month for 1 TB of hosting.


Well-run organization with quality hosting

Iberica Solutions appears to be a well-run organization that offers several different options at varying price points to meet the needs of just about any customer.  Individuals are able to purchase low-use accounts for minimal cost to give them access to their own web services and businesses are able to take advantage of Iberica’s capabilities to tailor different products to meet their enterprise needs. Pros:
  • Independent mail platform
  • Generous features
  • Full Tech Company
  • No Windows Servers for VPS
  • Data Centers only in Spain
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Precios, Planes y Características de Iberica Solutions - 2018

Planes de Hosting Compartido

Nombre del Plan Espacio Ancho de banda Número de sitios Precio Score
1 GB Ilimitado Ilimitado 1,88 € 5.4
2 GB Ilimitado Ilimitado 3,45 € 5.4
4 GB Ilimitado Ilimitado 6,25 € 5.4

Planes de Servidor Dedicado

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio Score
1.95 TB 8 x 2.40GHz 4 GB 64,65 € 5.4

Ubicaciones del Servidor


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