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  • Reliability
    5.2 / 10
  • Pricing
    6.4 / 10
  • User Friendly
    6.0 / 10
  • Support
    5.1 / 10
  • Features
    6.1 / 10

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José Luciano Mldonado
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 6.0
  • Fácil de usar 10
  • Soporte técnico 6.0
  • Características 8.0

excelente, pero...

Servicio utilizado: Compartido - Free
Realmente, me parecía excelente. Yo lo estuve utilizando como servidor gratuito, por más de dos años. Allí había almacenado varios sistemas web de prueba que había desarrollado para ir aprendiendo a construir sistemas para web, co...Leer más
Bartosz Zatwardnicki
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 10
  • Fácil de usar 2.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 8.0

Lost in transmission...

Servicio utilizado: Compartido - Free
Moved from LocalHost
Managed to login / create account with ease. WP auto-installation with no problems. I even managed to migrate existing installation from localhost to byethost. After two days already the web transfer started to disappear. I could ...Leer más
Darren Smith
Reino Unido
  • Confiabilidad 10
  • Tarifas 10
  • Fácil de usar 10
  • Soporte técnico 10
  • Características 10

All good

Servicio utilizado: Compartido
All good for me so far for a small personal hobby project I have there. I think the people complaining are those that have used all server resources and moaning because they got kicked off a FREE service. Tip: don't expect to run ...Leer más
Ivan Yudlyuavitch
Estados Unidos
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 4.0
  • Fácil de usar 6.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 6.0

Even the paid hosting is BAD.

Servicio utilizado: VPS
Even paid hosting with them is just really, really bad. You'll get 502 gateway errors a lot. You'll get site outages that never get explained even if you open a ticket, and if you open a ticket you will probably not actually get a...Leer más
ismail belli
  • Confiabilidad 4.0
  • Tarifas 8.0
  • Fácil de usar 6.0
  • Soporte técnico 4.0
  • Características 2.0

terrible hosting

Servicio utilizado: Compartido
they say that they give you unlimited hosting but never mentions that you can only have a specific small number of files "inodes"
they force you to use scripts that checks your visitors browsers and use cookies that you don't kno...Leer más
Sonya C
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 2.0
  • Fácil de usar 2.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 2.0

Awful customer service

Servicio utilizado: Compartido
They have problems with the SSL certificates and the answers to the tickets are simply stupid. They don't even know what are they talking about or what your problem is and even worst... they just don't care.
I'm just moving to an...Leer más
jw bouman
Países Bajos
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 2.0
  • Fácil de usar 2.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 2.0

allert do not upgrade to paid acount

Servicio utilizado: Compartido
do not paid to upgrade it is fake
or upgraded acount runing a few months
than is it blocked
the problem we have not toegstane scripts found on your site
if you ask support remains silent
if you ask access remain silent if you...Leer más
Kamil Novak
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 2.0
  • Fácil de usar 2.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 2.0


Servicio utilizado: Compartido
I've ordered free hosting. When I started recieving traffic, they've offered me shared hosting plan. I've upgraded as my traffic was growing.
Then they've offered me higher plan. I didn't upgrade as I didn't needed it.
They did ...Leer más
user avatar
the positive reviews are real... but they are for the free hosting.
i use their free hosting for quite a while (2013... i think). i linked my domain to it and i host my blog... is not the fastest, but it gets the job done. i neve...Leer más
user avatar
about positive reviews


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VPS 8,79 € - 58,05 € Ver planes
Servidor Dedicado 131,94 € Ver planes
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Opinión de Experto sobre Byethost 2018

Escrita por: Craig Timmins

Calificación de Byethost

  • Confiabilidad
    8 / 10
  • Tarifas
    9.5 / 10
  • Fácil de usar
    8.5 / 10
  • Soporte técnico
    7 / 10
  • Características
    7.5 / 10
Calificación según Craig Timmins

3 Soluciones principales de hosting, todas a buen precio

Una selección de planes de alojamiento web que se adaptan a todo el mundo, Byet Hosting ofrece alojamiento web compartido, servidores virtuales privados, y servidores dedicados en su catálogo. El hosting que proveed probablemente se adapte mejor a organizaciones de tamaño medio, y a clientes a nivel personal que buscan una manera básica y accesible de alojar un sitio. Algunos beneficios del servicio son el alojamiento web compartido gratuito y las cuentas gratis de revendedor que tienen disponibles.

¿Por qué elegir Byet Hosting?

  • Precios razonables
  • Buena selección de servidores
  • Cuentas gratis compartidas y de revendedor
  • Red variada de soporte ténico

¿Quieres saber si Byet Hosting es adecuado para ti?



Dedicated Pages on Server Details and Information

Byet Host fill you with plenty of confidence when it comes to reliability and uptime because they have several full length pages on the site (that are easy to get to), that offer information on the server hardware used, the server environment, and the network infrastructure. They run two main servers, one being an Intel Quad-core XEON Processor 7300 series, whilst the other server is from the 5000 series.

The only issue I saw was that one of the pages claimed information was correct as of ‘November 2007’ which made me think that things could have changed within that period of time that has passed.



All The Features You Need For a Successful Site

Whichever plan you decide to choose the setup fee is $0 across them all, you can also benefit from unlimited disk space on the starter plan, whilst the premium plan will offer you unlimited traffic, domain add-ons, sub-domain add ons, email addresses and MYSQL databases. Support comes free with both of the plans, and CPanel runs across the board.

As soon as you sign up you can also take advantage of the free domain offer, which allows you to buy a domain name of your choice without having to pay. The TLD’s vary from the plans on offer, so just take that into account before you sign-up.



Good Range of Support Avenues, But Delays Ahead

The live chat you will see on the site is only for sales chatter, so if you have a tech question you will need to register for an account before you can ask that question. However, around the clock support is available for all account (event the free accounts), and you can also help yourself to the community forums, knowledge base and video tutorial section.

They do have a Twitter account but don’t really offer this as a support channel, but if you find that other solutions aren’t getting your anywhere it wouldn’t hurt using this as a last resort. A lot of reviews claim that the support isn’t as good as it first seems and delays in getting questions answered or problems fixed is a common occurrence.

  • 24/7 support
  • Live Chat for Sales
  • Knowledge Base
  • Ticket System
  • Live chat only for sales, not tech
  • Delays in responses
  • No real social media support



Free Plans and Cheap Paid for Plans

Generally the prices across the board are fairly consistent with other hosting companies. For example the Super Premium Monthly package, which sounds spectacular but in reality is the entry level plan, will cost just $3.99 per month, whilst the Ultimate Monthly tiered plan will cost $6.99 per month. Both these plans are offered at a discount per annum.

Byet Host also offer form free hosting which is ad free and comes complete with control panel, FTP account and support services.



A Pleasure to Visit and Usable Hosting

All the paid for packages comes with CPanel so for those that know CPanel they will be able to jump right in and go to whatever section they need to go. For those that don’t know CPanel, it is quite possibly the easiest control panel out there, with everything laid out in sections – all nicely presented so you can see the features and tools on offer for you.

The site itself is very well put together, clutter free, ad free, and quite easy to see what plans are offered and what you get for your money. Great stuff.


A Great Mid-Range Hosting Solution at The Right Price

Byet Host are a decent mid-range hosting provider for small to mid-sized companies and even individuals. If you want enterprise scaled services then this really isn’t the hosting solution for you.

Prices are very good, and tend to either me on terms with competitors or in a few cases beat them, they also offer free shared hosting which had a range of useful features and tools whilst being completely ad free.

Support and reliability seem to be above average, with plenty of support channels to go down, and a good solid infrastructure to host your websites on. If you are looking for  hosting solutions for your small business website then it wouldn't harm you to add Byet to your short list.


  • Very good prices
  • Free hosting plans available
  • Decent features and tool sets
  • Variety of support channels to head down


  • No Live Chat for Tech
  • No Enterprise Level Service
  • Delays in Support
Visita Byethost Ver planes y tarifas

Precios, Planes y Características de Byethost - 2018

Planes de Hosting Compartido

Nombre del Plan Espacio Ancho de banda Número de sitios Precio Score
1 GB 51.2 GB Ilimitado 0,00 € 5.6
Ilimitado 256 GB Ilimitado 3,51 € 5.8
Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado 6,15 € 5.8
Ilimitado 1 TB Ilimitado 17,58 € 5.8
Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado 35,18 € 5.8

Planes de Hosting VPS

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio Score
30 GB - 512 MB 8,79 € 5.8
40 GB - 756 MB 17,58 € 5.8
60 GB - 1 GB 26,38 € 5.8
80 GB - 1.23 GB 37,82 € 5.8
120 GB - 1.5 GB 49,25 € 5.8
250 GB - 1.71 GB 58,05 € 5.8

Planes de Servidor Dedicado

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio Score
2 TB 4 x 3.90GHz 32 GB 131,94 € 5.8

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