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Tamar Weinberg

Tamar Weinberg

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Empleada #6 de Mashable, Escritora para Lifehacker, Community Manager de Namecheap Inc.
PacHosting aims for reliability and happiness

Interview with Dennis Ng, PacHosting Founder

Dennis Ng founded the popular PacHosting brand which came to him in his teenage years. Today, he's focused on building a brand that serves the needs of all across cloud infrastructures in the Asia-Pacific and European regions, among others. It's been great to sit down and talk to him to see how the brand has evolved since they started out.

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HostingSource is a multi-faceted company with a mission to serve all

Interview with Ron Sznol, CEO of HostingSource

HostingSource is a company that has a mission to serve every type of industry. Unlike other hosting companies, they seek out facilities that serve different industries well and diversify as much as possible. I had the opportunity to get on the phone with Ron Sznol so he can tell us more about the mission of HostingSource and how they do what they do so well.

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They created an awesome control panel and took the world by storm

Interview with Pavel Guralnik, VP at ISPsystem

ISPsystem is a popular control panel that permeates the global market. They especially built traction where other control panels didn't exist. Today, ISPsystem is a popular company serving markets that seek reliable web management at low costs. It was really interesting to learn about the history of the brand by Pavel Guralnik, who is a VP at the company, and who gave me the low-down on how the company started and what products are served by ISPsystem. It's really good stuff, and you can tell he's passionate about his brand.

Have a read about the story behind ISPsystem.

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Starting a hosting company in your 20s? Learn how Peter Holden of Hostwinds did it

Interview with Peter Holden, CEO of Hostwinds

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to talk to Peter Holden, the twenty-something CEO of Hostwinds, a hosting company that has been growing momentum and is among the top at Inc 500.

That's pretty amazing for a company started by a young kid. But having younger blood often opens doors to opportunities for consumers that the older folk (no offense, people) may not otherwise think of. For example, Hostwinds is known for its Minecraft hosting. You can imagine how many people are eating that up.

I'll let Peter tell you his story.

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