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A Small Orange vs ProHoster

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20 planes de alojamiento 62 planes de alojamiento
Precio inicial 2,49 € / mes 0,00 € / mes
Dominio gratis
Cupones No 4 cupones
Calificaciones del Usuario
Confiabilidad 1.7
Tarifas 2.3
Fácil de usar 1.8
Soporte técnico 1.3
Características 2.1
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28 opiniones 1242 opiniones
Última reseña positiva
Very good experience. No downtime in last 3 months.
Ridwan Choudhury,
I signed up with A Small Orange despite seeing many bitter reviews on the internet. I've been using ASO shared (small) plan for 3 months. Never experienced any issue with their service. I've monitored my website uptime with J... Más etpack plugin of wordpress and tested speed, server response time regularly. Never experienced any downtime in last 3 months. Pingdom shows my website is faster than the 98% website. Actually, so far I'm very happy with their service.
It is true that their support ticket is very slow and they took almost two weeks to reply my ticket about registering a new domain. But I never had to wait more than 3 minutes to get live chat support. My ticket was solved instantly via live chat.
Another good thing about ASO is their server name and user area interface is very unique and user friendly.
Hope ASO will remain consistent with their good service. Best wishes for ASO team!
Шикарный хостинг
Ал Спу,
Замечательный хостинг за копейки. Всего за 2,5$ в месяц можно получить безлимитный хостинг. Это просто находка для экономичного бизнеса. Что касается качества услуг, то они выше всех похвал, нет и не было ни единой проблемы з... Más а полгода работы с prohoster. Menos
Última reseña negativa
Truly a sub 1/5 company
Tom Herbert,
I would give them less than 1/5 if it was possible.
Avoid this host at all costs. Mind numbingly dumb people working customer service and the tech guy destroyed my company website. Right now they can't figure out how to send ... Más me a backup to transfer to another hosting company or they think they're playing me to get more of my money. Forget ASO. Menos
Son unos Estafadores
Alan Rodriguez Rueda,
He contratado con ellos varios planes de hosting VPS offshore, para mis webs para adultos. Ayer de noche recibo un email con esto:
IP Address:
Date/time Assessed: 21-Oct-2020 14:09
This communication is notif... Más ication that the above URL(s) hosted on your servers has been identified by the Internet Watch Foundation to depict child sexual abuse content under UK Law, the Protection of Children Act 1978.
In accordance with Part 19 of the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002, if apparent criminal content which breaches your national legislation is on your servers you should act expeditiously to remove or to disable access to the content.
The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is the UK Hotline to combat child sexual abuse content hosted around the world. We are funded by the EU and the internet industry and also work in partnership with government, law enforcement and international partners to remove and disrupt access to child sexual abuse content. We assist service providers to combat the abuse of their systems for the distribution of criminal content and assist police in identifying those responsible for such distribution. For more information please visit
In the UK reports made to the IWF in line with its procedures will be accepted as a report to a relevant authority by virtue of a Memorandum of Understanding between the UK Crown Prosecution Service and the UK Association of Chief Police Officers concerning Section 46 Sexual Offences Act 2003.
We have downloaded a copy of the above material and have alerted the Hotline in your country who in turn have a responsibility to inform their appropriate Law Enforcement Agency. We have also notified the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency in the UK.
Please confirm that you have received this notification and are taking action to disable public access to this content. We advise you to contact your own law enforcement agency in line with your own procedures regarding this content if you have not already done so, as they may require you to preserve a copy of the content as evidence in a potential police investigation.
Mis webs no contienen nada de pornografia infantil, pro hoster me ha borrado todo el trabajo de años sin darme ninguna explicacion. Perdiendo dinero y posicionamiento en las SERPS.
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4 plans desde 2,49 € hasta 17,05 € 10 plans desde 2,13 € hasta 11,51 €
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2,92 € / M
  • Espacio: 512 MB
  • Ancho de banda: 5.12 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
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2,50 € / M
  • Espacio: 15 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
  • Panel: isp-manager
  • Número de sitios: 10
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5,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 5 GB
  • Ancho de banda: 51.2 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
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4,50 € / M
  • Espacio: 25 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
  • Panel: isp-manager
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10,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 15 GB
  • Ancho de banda: 153.6 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
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11,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 100 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
  • Panel: isp-manager
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8 plans desde 17,05 € hasta 127,90 € 24 plans desde 1,11 € hasta 25,11 €
Menos de 4 $ No


1,30 € / M
  • Espacio: 10 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
Ver plan VPS-512-1-SSD
Menos de 8 $ No


4,20 € / M
  • Espacio: 40 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
Ver plan VPS-2-2-SSD
Más de 10 $


20,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 30 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
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9,45 € / M
  • Espacio: 80 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
Ver plan VPS-10-2-SSD
Servidor Dedicado
8 plans desde 84,42 € hasta 234,49 € 6 plans desde 22,77 € hasta 288,21 €
Menos de 4 $ No No
Menos de 8 $ No No
Más de 10 $

Xeon E3-1220 V2

99,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 128 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
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104,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 2 TB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
Ver plan RST15
Creador de sitios web
1 plan desde 0,01 € hasta 0,01 €
Menos de 4 $ No


0,01 € / M
  • Espacio: 10 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
Ver plan FREE
Menos de 8 $ No No
Más de 10 $ No No
19 plans desde 0,00 € hasta 173,57 €
Menos de 4 $ No


0,00 € / M
  • Espacio: Ilimitado
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
Ver plan GGSSL TrialSSL
Menos de 8 $ No


5,65 € / M
  • Espacio: Ilimitado
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
Ver plan GGSSL Domain SSL
Más de 10 $ No

GGSSL Wildcard SSL

63,30 € / M
  • Espacio: Ilimitado
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
Ver plan GGSSL Wildcard SSL
Servicios de Protección DDoS
2 plans desde 0,01 € hasta 63,95 €
Menos de 4 $ No

Free Anti DDoS

0,01 € / M
  • Espacio: Ilimitado
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
Ver plan Free Anti DDoS
Menos de 8 $ No No
Más de 10 $ No


75,00 € / M
  • Espacio: Ilimitado
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
Ver plan UN
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