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Características 5.0
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Satisfactory Service
Mike R,
We set up a server with VPSIE around the beginning of 2021 to run a website using OSSN. The only reason we went with this company is because it was recommended by SoftLab24. After about a month of getting absolutely nowhere, ... Más we decided to pull out from using them. Complete lack of understanding almost any message we sent them. It was as if they weren't reading any of the messages we sent, and we're simply sending automated replies. Almost every response was irrelevant to the topic in the ticket. They offered to set up our OSSN website for $100. We put the $100 on our account, and for weeks they idled and never actually did the job.
We repeatedly asked them to refund the $100 because they did not render the service. They never did, and in fact USED the credits to "maintain the server we were renting from them". Excuse me? We paid them $100 to set up our site, not for maintenance fees. Then they respond with yet another automated response saying that when we sign up to their site, we agreed to the TOS and they offer no refunds, when I have tickets as proof stating they would process the refund. Now they don't have the $100 to give back because they never shut off our servers and it ran unused for months, allowing them to trickle the funds into their account. We ended up disputing the charges with our bank to get our money back.
Irrelevant ticket responses, very shady business practices, and overall a terrible service. There are a myriad of hosting providers that offer superior servers, quality customer support (like a phone number that I can call that actually works and doesn't constantly connect to an automated message that hangs you up), and better pricing with honest service. Do not give these people your money. I would not be surprised if all these reviews were paid for in some form or fashion. Within a few days I was starting to doubt this company, but tried to see past it so that we could get our site up and running asap. It was a costly mistake and I hope anyone reading this doesn't fall for the scam that is this company.
Super servico de soporte y servidores rapidos
Luis Silva,
El servicio de soporte perfecto contestan muy rapido, sus servidores andan bien a pesar de ser un servicio compartido de reseller, pero para resaltar su soporte tecnico tener un inconveniente consultar y que te respondan a lo... Más s 5 minutos y en la mayoria de los casos acertada no lo cambio por nada, porque pueden haber sitios ofreciendo mucha velocidad, espacio o ahorro pero siempre uno va a tener inconvenientes y que abras un ticket de soporte y que pasen los dias sin contestarte realmente es lo peor, esto es servicio postventa, tengo un reseller y soy nuevo en el tema realizo todo con lo que se y con las guias pero igual habia cosas que me equivocaba y les ecribia y me ayudaban a pesar que no era sobre el tema del servidor, nunca habia usado WHMCS y me ayudaron bastante y hasta me contactaban con soporte de WHMCS para complementar el apoyo, realmente el soporte a pesar de estar en ingles con el traductor de google no hay problema y es 100/100 y sin contar que me parecio precios comodos de sus planes de reseller. Menos
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The technical support is the worst I have ever seen
David garcia,
I forgot the username to access my account. After more than 2 hours of tickets and sending all kinds of data and information, they were not able to solve something so simple for me to access the client area. During the time i... Más n which they did not give me any solution and without being able to access my user account, I have had time to contract another hosting, another server and transfer all the files. The technical support is the worst I have ever seen. I will not renew any of the services that I have them. Menos
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Basic Shared Hosting

3,47 € / M
  • Espacio: 5 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Número de sitios: 1
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Menos de 8 $ No

Standard Shared Hosting

6,47 € / M
  • Espacio: 20 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Número de sitios: 5
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Más de 10 $ No

Professional Shared Hosting

9,97 € / M
  • Espacio: Ilimitado
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
  • Panel: cpanel
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8 plans desde 3,84 € hasta 126,58 € 10 plans desde 4,79 € hasta 95,89 €
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4,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 10 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
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8,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 20 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
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Entry Unmanaged VPS

5,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 20 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
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16,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 40 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
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Entry Plus Unmanaged

10,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 40 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
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Servidor Dedicado
11 plans desde 46,99 € hasta 357,67 €
Menos de 4 $ No No
Menos de 8 $ No No
Más de 10 $ No

Dual Intel Xeon E5620

49,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 240 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
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Hosting Cloud
4 plans desde 47,95 € hasta 115,07 €
Menos de 4 $ No No
Menos de 8 $ No No
Más de 10 $ No

Basic Cloud

50,00 € / M
  • Espacio: 60 GB
  • Ancho de banda: 2 TB
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Creador de sitios web
2 plans desde 5,73 € hasta 9,57 €
Menos de 4 $ No No
Menos de 8 $ No

Entry Level WordPress

5,98 € / M
  • Espacio: 50 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
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Más de 10 $ No

Business Level WordPress

9,98 € / M
  • Espacio: 100 GB
  • Ancho de banda: Ilimitado
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4 plans desde 6,68 € hasta 26,34 €
Menos de 4 $ No No
Menos de 8 $ No

Basic Reseller Hosting

6,97 € / M
  • Espacio: 25 GB
  • Ancho de banda: 800.05 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
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Más de 10 $ No

Standard Reseller Hosting

9,97 € / M
  • Espacio: 50 GB
  • Ancho de banda: 1.17 TB
  • Panel: cpanel
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