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I have been struggling for 3 days and 2 nights just to find answers to all of my queries. I tried asking my friendly google but it redirects me to forums and blogs. I read and read but never find a st...Leer másraight forward answer to solve my frustration about how to setup and configure webhosting server until I decided to send ticket to webhostingpad.com and directly talk to their admin. I was amazed thou we had different time zone, the dude response to my emails so quick and everytime I asked he was right there will reply you in no time WOW!

Big big thanks to the admin I really appreciate your presence your doing a great job and you didn't hesitate to answer tons of questions.

My 5 years of subscription will end next year 2018. I will renew my subscription for another 5 years ^_^ so blessed to have you guys.

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Diego Madero Islas
Diego Madero Islas de México,

It was good but SiteLock came to riun it

I have a Power_Plan_Plus + WordPress Premium account in Webhostingpad where I host some of my projects and a series of Wordpress sites; mainly from my small business (a cafe), a non-profit foundation and a underground music music...Leer más blog. I have been with this particular provider (WHP) for more than thirteen years, but a few years ago I think, some company bought them and since then their service has been declining, ; like the costumer support; they are fast to respond, but not very friendly and sometimes they just refuse to help or try to sell you their freelance assistance. And they always try to blame you for the downtime and unjustified restrictions.

I'm not sure if it was around October or November of last year (2021) that they started promoting the SiteLock addon in the admin login page, but since I never had serious malware problems I didn't consider it necessary; until a couple of weeks ago that we found that our main site was been blocked by the browser because it was supposedly infected with malware (I couldn't access any part of the site, as Firefox and Chrome automatically blocked it); which was fixed very "easily" by activating a free version of SiteLock, provided by my hosting provider.

Around two weeks later, overnight all of our sites are blocked as they appear to be infected; my account was temporarily suspended by my provider and due to the "magnitude of the infection" they offered us the SiteLock Pro paid solution or other specialized paid services, but their costs far exceed what I can invest in maintaining a series of web pages (which I don't actually monetize); Not to mention that I find it very suspicious that this had never happened until SiteLock came along (and doing some research I found this article: https://rb.gy/niwq2v which confirmed my suspicions).

Their technical support and customer service departments have been of not help at all (on the contrary, they made us really mad) and they just blame Wordpress for the malware infection.

Now my plan is to ask them to grant us temporary access to my account; somehow clean the malware and back up all the data and DB; then move everything to a different and more ethical shared hosting (change passwords on all sites and databases) and research for free or more affordable solutions to monitor the necessary sites (in theory some of the Hosting solutions I have looked into seem to have better security tools built into their shared plans hosting).
Guy Kendall
Guy Kendall de Estados Unidos,

Hosting is good, but if you have a problem support is almost worthless

I have been fighting a problem with their connections dropping off for over 2 weeks. Their support personnel does nothing to help fix it. I have verified the problem is on their end with multiple sources but support always tries...Leer más to say it is on my end. Not possible because outside backup services have the same problem with them. I am giving them one more try today if they just ignore me I change to someone else. I just give up on them.Menos
David Patterson
David Patterson de Estados Unidos,

BUYER BEWARE- LOTS of downtime

I originally signed up with these guys 5 years ago for multiple smaller clients for our digital marketing agency.. after the first year we started having issues with random down times of the service.... they kept having to reset t...Leer máshe server..... I also noticed when I did speed tests the websites on their service were the slowest numbers I had seen with any other hosting company..... so if you want the slowest websites, more downtime than they promise, slow customer service, and auto renewal of your account you haven’t used in years... these are your guys LOL..... I would never recommend these people... for any service.!!

I use a cloud hosting package with another company and I’ve had wonderful speed and service for not much more.... do your research and don’t waste your time here!!
Jamie Vance
Jamie Vance,
Appears this client called in and mentioned they moved hosting over 5 years ago. They also mentioned that they saw the email renewal notices which include cancellation instructions, however the cancellation process was disregarded...Leer más. Since the cancellation was not submitted prior to the renewal the account was automatically renewed. Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds or pro-rated refunds on account renewals as stated in our terms of service.
This review does not accurately describe our services as this client threatened to post a negative review unless we provided a refund.
Muhammad Sohail
Muhammad Sohail de Emiratos Árabes Unidos,

Best i got and the Lowest i paid

Webhosting pad is great webhosting to work with I am working with them from more than 9 years I have 3 different accounts with them i purchased other webhosting also from different vendors don't want to mention there name but the ...Leer másexperience was not good and i have to return to webhostingpad. Still the greatest in Reliability, Pricing, User Friendly, the best part is support they are with you 24/7 and they are having all the features and you can chose them as per your needs. And even the private servers as per your requirements.
I recommend it. See you will face issues with every company but with them you will feel that they are with you in each and every way they can to try to help you in your needs.
Les O
Les O de México,

Avoid wasting time and $ with Webhostingpad.com

I sent support and other departments a message the other day about support not doing anything about my site not functioning properly. It was time for renewal and I have been a long-term customer, but was done with no-notice implem...Leer másentations of changes which kept breaking my site year after year. I was ready to migrate away but their support department sold me on a much lower priced plan. I am beginning to think that support is the only department, run by young, inexperienced kids who do not understand the importance of customer service.

Since renewal on March 3rd, 2021 nothing except taking my money has been completed fully. Half of my emails are being forwarded, that's 1/2 and I offered to send in the headers so the issue could be resolved and investigated. I explained that I could not be verified by one bank but not my primary and was not aware if I was receiving the emails from the Veterans Administration regarding my 30 years of fighting them.

They had migrated me to a different server platform in 2019 which did not have domain email forwarding and I could not recreate the hundreds of email address rules to forward them individually.The quick fix was to move me back to cpanel server. ALL of my data is gone. SSL was set up by them and then is GONE. DNS changed, but following the migration is GONE. I create email accounts which disappear again and again. Filemanager works only sometimes.

Contacting a supervisor is impossible. I'm figuring out that support must be the only department because every email I sent to ant department support responds to. I've begun posting my experiences with the company's performance across social media. I need everything to work as it did or at least work in some consistent manner, my data restored, all of my support tickets since Mar 3, 2021 looked at and fixed, actually fixed; because it makes no sense to pay for non-functioning domain hosting.
I'm sorry you had a negative experience with our company. However, when I was looking at your most recent tickets, it looks like one of our managers personally looked into your case and confirmed that all the issues you listed in ...Leer másthe ticket have already been fixed. Our agents have already responded multiple times confirming the same. Please actually read the responses we sent to your emails before sending another message in listing the same issues that have already been resolved. Our agents have gone above and beyond the scope of our support to help you and there is nothing wrong with your account. If the issues are persisting on your end, you are welcome to contact support again, however every indication says that we resolved any issues with your account when you initially opened the ticket and there is nothing more to fix.Menos

Reseña de experto

Eliran Ouzan
Eliran Ouzan
Hosting Expert

WebHostingPad: Características emocionantes para sitios web pequeños a medianos

WebHostingPad alberga más de 200,000 dominios en todo el mundo. Ofrecen a sus clientes 99.9% de tiempo en línea, hardware sólido, un montón de herramientas excelentes, y un conjunto decente de opciones ilimitadas: almacenamiento web, ancho de banda, dominios, cantidades de base de datos MySQL y cuentas de email. Las tarifas pueden ser tan bajas como $1,99/mes

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  • Importantes funciones ilimitadas
  • Seguridad intensificada
  • Precios bajos
  • Soporte estable las 24 horas, todos los dias

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Precios, Planes y Características de WebHostingPad - 2022

Planes de Hosting Compartido

Nombre del Plan Espacio Ancho de banda Panel Número de sitios Precio Puntuación
Power Plan Ilimitado Ilimitado cPanel Ilimitado 1,99 € 7.8 Detalles
Power Plan Plus Ilimitado Ilimitado cPanel Ilimitado 4,99 € 8.3 Detalles
WordPress Basic Ilimitado Ilimitado cPanel 5 2,99 € 9.0 Detalles
WordPress Pro Ilimitado Ilimitado cPanel 10 3,99 € 8.1 Detalles
WordPress Premium Ilimitado Ilimitado cPanel 25 5,99 € 5.8 Detalles

Planes de Hosting VPS

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio Puntuación
Beginner 20 GB - 1 GB 29,95 € 8.1 Detalles
Professional 80 GB - 2 GB 34,95 € 9.6 Detalles
Premium 160 GB - 4 GB 49,95 € 7.2 Detalles

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