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  • Confiabilidad
    9.1 / 10
  • Tarifas
    9.1 / 10
  • Fácil de usar
    9.1 / 10
  • Soporte técnico
    9.1 / 10
  • Características
    9.2 / 10

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Michael Jones
Estados Unidos
  • Confiabilidad 10
  • Tarifas 10
  • Fácil de usar 10
  • Soporte técnico 10
  • Características 10

Trustful- Reliable- Friendly- Best Customer Service

Servicio utilizado: Servidor Dedicado - DEDI 6
Moved from GoDaddy
The title says it all. I switched from Godaddy and I have never been happier. The products are the best and the customer service is hands down the best I've ever had when it comes to cyber products like hosting and cloud services....Leer más
Brandon O.
Estados Unidos
  • Confiabilidad 10
  • Tarifas 10
  • Fácil de usar 10
  • Soporte técnico 10
  • Características 10

Love Hostiso!

Servicio utilizado: VPS - VPS 4
We have been using Hostiso for hosting our image website.

Their support staff optimized our VPS server, as well as installed software for the website, configured everything to run as it should be. Very thankful.

Highly recommended.
Jhon Stravecci
  • Confiabilidad 10
  • Tarifas 8.0
  • Fácil de usar 10
  • Soporte técnico 10
  • Características 8.0

Hostiso Service

Servicio utilizado: Cloud - Cloud 16GB
Im very happy with the services in hostiso
I have a cloud and now i will order a shared hosting for testing, the support is good, and i dont know.
Im very good with this company!

I wish a new design in hostiso
In the future ?
Thanasis Giamas
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 6.0
  • Fácil de usar 2.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 4.0

NOT adequate, nor reliable! Free month and fake positive reviews is the lure.

Servicio utilizado: VPS - VPS 2
I had a bad experience with Hostiso both on a professional and a personal level. I have entrusted them with my company's web sites and mailboxes and was planning from the beginning to gradually increase the capacity of my VPS to s...Leer más
user avatar
Exactly same bad experience I had with this business.
They could not able to set up service for more than 3 days.
The support team sometimes with out even reading the support ticket they reply vaguely.
Small issues to get it r...Leer más
Hostiso LLC
We were sorry to hear you have been disappointed with our service after recently becoming our client. We checked on your case and we can see that a Support has addressed the downtime incidents for your account.

We understand i...Leer más
Zoki kolip
Bosnia y Herzegovina
  • Confiabilidad 10
  • Tarifas 10
  • Fácil de usar 10
  • Soporte técnico 10
  • Características 10

Great Hosting and Support!!!

Servicio utilizado: VPS - VPS 3
Amazing service as always, best of best. They have never blamed me for a technical issue. They have even gone into software on my site to fix a problem the software creators could not fix. Highly recommend !
Sanjin S.
Bosnia y Herzegovina
  • Confiabilidad 10
  • Tarifas 10
  • Fácil de usar 10
  • Soporte técnico 10
  • Características 10

One of best hosting services!!!

Servicio utilizado: VPS - VPS 1
Best service, very thorough and super fast. Thank you Hostiso, I felt you provided a really great customer experience. I am new to website building so it was invaluable having someone help.
Philippe HERBERT
  • Confiabilidad 2.0
  • Tarifas 4.0
  • Fácil de usar 4.0
  • Soporte técnico 2.0
  • Características 4.0

the server does not even respond ....

Servicio utilizado: VPS
Moved from OVH.com
1 month that i beg hostiso to do something to improve my situation, my vps server hosted at hostiso suffers strong latencies greater than 18 seconds sometimes, and error 500 or the server does not even respond for more than 6 min,...Leer más
Hostiso LLC
Hi, as noted in tickets, huge amount of reports of downtime by Pindgodm was false, also smaller amount of errors you have seen was script related.
user avatar
You do not answer the arguments that if it came from the Prestashop site script, it would be the same answer, the same error.
But, it's random errors, with a server response time ranging from 500ms to 18s !!! And 2 to 5 times a d...Leer más
user avatar
Letting the subject close without any response from you, after more than a fortnight, is really a proof of your lack of professionalism and you have no idea how to counter my questions, and that your arguments do not hold. ..
user avatar
Herbert Philippe
Hostiso answered :
Please send us your pingdom access details to show you something, considering that you are attacking us for something that is not related to us and you even now started to posting bad things about us publicly.
...Leer más
user avatar
Herbert Philippe
hostiso answer :
Every single report with our tests produced false report of downtime. also even 500 error that is prestashop error not server error page, meaning site is loaded but something triggered 500 script (not server erro...Leer más


Servicio Rango de precios
Hosting Compartido 3,22 € - 8,06 € Ver planes
VPS 20,16 € - 95,96 € Ver planes
Servidor Dedicado 160,47 € - 644,31 € Ver planes
Hosting Cloud 8,06 € - 80,63 € Ver planes
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Precios, Planes y Características de Hostiso LLC - 2018

Planes de Hosting Compartido

Nombre del Plan Espacio Ancho de banda Número de sitios Precio
100 GB Ilimitado Ilimitado 3,22 €
500 GB Ilimitado Ilimitado 5,64 €
97.7 TB Ilimitado Ilimitado 8,06 €

Planes de Hosting VPS

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio
100 GB 2 x 3.60GHz 2 GB 20,16 €
500 GB 4 x 3.60GHz 8 GB 39,51 €
750 GB 6 x 3.60GHz 10 GB 55,64 €
1000 GB 8 x 3.60GHz 15.6 GB 71,77 €
2 TB 12 x 3.60GHz 31 GB 95,96 €

Planes de Servidor Dedicado

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio
4 TB 4 x 3.60GHz 16 GB 160,47 €
480 GB 8 x 3.50GHz 32 GB 176,60 €
960 GB 8 x 3.20GHz 64 GB 208,86 €
2 TB 8 x 2.40GHz 125 GB 289,50 €
8 TB 10 x 2.30GHz 250 GB 402,39 €
8 TB 12 x 2.60GHz 250 GB 644,31 €

Planes de hosting en la nube

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM Ancho de banda Precio
25 GB 1 núcleo 1 GB 1 TB 8,06 €
40 GB 1 núcleo 2 GB 2 TB 16,12 €
60 GB 2 núcleos 4 GB 3 TB 24,18 €
100 GB 4 núcleos 8 GB 4 TB 40,31 €
200 GB 8 núcleos 16 GB 5 TB 80,63 €

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