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Hosting Compartido 5,72 € - 9,54 €
VPS 10,30 € - 124,12 €

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Javier Perez

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Javier Perez,
Un hosting economico, sin limites y con un gran soporte.


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Martha Crum
Martha Crum de Estados Unidos,

Best Hosting available.

I have been with Hosting for many years now & am 100% satisfied with them. They are extremely reliable & the pricing is the lowest that I have come across. They have an amazing support team as well. The longest time that I...Leer más have had to wait for a response was no more than 10 seconds. They are always available to answer any questions & are very professional. They have many features, more than most hosting co's out there now.Menos
Daryl T
Daryl T de Canadá,

Excellent budget option with fast support

This review is for shared hosting only.

As a student who likes making webpages and doing a bit of programming, I'm always looking for a low-priced option to do my web hosting. Hosting24 is one of the cheapest hosts around, and ...Leer másthey go on sale VERY often. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen it go for the "regular" price.

Looking past the price, support is very good. They have a 24/7 live chat system that's absent on many higher-priced options. They've been quite accommodating with my novice skill level and shared their technical expertise with me.

Price is an advantage AND a disadvantage for Hosting24. The low price attracts malicious users, and this is terrible for shared hosting. If some other user on the same server gets the shared IP address blacklisted, everyone on the IP address gets the same treatment. Being hosted on a blacklisted IP is bad for your search engine visibility, and outgoing emails from the IP address will go directly to the receipient's junk folder, or not get sent at all. I've experienced this personally, and have since stayed away from using the website email accounts.

If you're starting up, or running a budget-conscious website (like non-profits, local clubs, etc), Hosting24 is a great option.
Nicola Scanni
Nicola Scanni de Dinamarca,

Hosting Champions

It is now 6 Years that I use Hosting 24 and I my experience it s and it has been always over the top.
Yes they did have raised their costs in 2018 however, they have still kept a reasonable price for the service they offer.
The ...Leer máscustomer service is always polite and patient ...even when at the beginning I was making beginners (newbie) questions.
The website loads fast even after several of my updates.
I hope they stay that way and they just use the good review to feel better and not to charge more in the near future.

All the best

Reseña de experto

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Alojamiento web ideal para sitios medianos de nivel inicial

Hosting24 se especiliza en brindar alojamiento web de calidad para sitios web medianos de nivel inicial desde 2008, y parece que lo hace muy bien. En realidad no promocionan dónde están ubicados sus centros de datos físicamente, pero rentan el espacio a Immedion, otra empresa grande que brinda a muchas compañías de alojamiento web el espacio para sus centros de datos. Tienen al menos ubicaciones en los Estados Unidos y otros lugares, así que es posible que sea allí donde están los servidores de Hosting24.

Todas las opciones de alojamiento web de esta empresa están basadas en Linux. Parece que se esfuerzan por mantener sus precios a un nivel bajo, lo cual es bueno. Por lo que han dicho otros clientes, esto no ha generado muchos problemas de calidad. Incluso sus servicios de alojamiento web compartido son bastante buenos y tienen una respuesta rápida la mayor parte del tiempo.

Siempre que no necesites servidores de alta gama, es probable que encuentres un paquete genial a buen precio que te brinde los servicios de hosting que estás buscando.

Precios, Planes y Características de - 2022

Planes de Hosting Compartido

Nombre del Plan Espacio Ancho de banda Panel Número de sitios Precio Puntuación
SILVER Ilimitado Ilimitado cPanel 1 5,72 € 9.4 Detalles
GOLD Ilimitado Ilimitado cPanel 50 9,54 € 9.4 Detalles

Planes de Hosting VPS

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio Puntuación
VPS x1 20 GB - 1 GB 10,30 € 6.2 Detalles
VPS x2 40 GB - 2 GB 20,59 € 7.8 Detalles
VPS x3 60 GB - 3 GB 38,16 € 10 Detalles
VPS x4 80 GB - 4 GB 47,71 € 9.1 Detalles
VPS x6 120 GB - 6 GB 76,36 € 10 Detalles
VPS x8 160 GB - 8 GB 124,12 € 9.1 Detalles

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