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VPS 40,00 € - 90,00 €
Servidor Dedicado 145,00 € - 750,00 €

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Kamal Thind

Reseña fijada

Kamal Thind,
Using Hostdime's hosting services from 2011, a great experience with HD company.
what's the best :
1. Own Severs
2. Low Prices
3. Excellent Support Team ( they all are very good)

but sometimes there's downserver problem. But i recommend to all Hostdime services

Good Luck :)


Idioma de las reseñas
gonzalo reynoso
gonzalo reynoso

pésima experiencia

luego de 14 años de excelente servicio han cambiado alguna política o modelo de negocio pero lo cierto es que el servicio actual es pésimo, se cae constantemente y el servidor se ha vuelto inestable de manera casi permanente, además es carísimo
Jennifer Mohr
Jennifer Mohr de Estados Unidos,

8 Years

I was a client with VPSLatch since 2011, long before HostDime took them over. They were. Great company who worked tirelessly to help you and make sure their clients were happy. Servers worked great and the prices were reasonable.
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When HostDime took over, things became tolerable. The service often had a lot of downtime, support would take hours or days to get back to you and often issues were left completely unresolved.

I fell on hard time before HostDime came into the picture. At which time, I was often late on payments. So an agreement was worked out where my bill would be due later in the month (at that time I think it was around the 7th). After that my account would be suspended. I could get up to 2 months behind at times and it was worked out that as long as I didn’t expect to get beyond that, I didn’t have to worry about termination. Just suspension and possible late fees after the first month. Okay. More then reasonable and fair and it was a huge help.

It was RARE that I’d go more then 2 months and on the few times I did, I contacted them and while I’d have to pay late fees they were happy to work with me.

After HostDime took over, as I said previously, things changed. In September 2018 I started being charged a $10 late fee EVERY MONTH. This was done without warning or notice. I was going through some issues in my personal life and decided to let it go and not bothering arguing it. It was $10. It was one of those “pick your battles” moments and I didn’t feel that $10 extra dollars a month was worth the hassle. So I let it go.

In October 2019, my VPS was canceled without notice or warning. They claim to have sent one but I never received it. I even went through every email ever associated with the account to see if I had just missed it. I had never received one.

The last email I received from them on one email was in September 2019. On the other email it was March 2018. The last email I received (from Sep) was the typical warning that my account would be suspended. I read it, same old, same old. I never received another email after that from them.

In October 2019, my account was canceled/terminated. 8 years of my life and hard work was gone. I’d lost my computer in a fire and so I had no back ups. I didn’t get an email that it would be terminated or that it even was terminated!

I went into my account at the end of October/beginning of November and my typical bill was there. But when I went to pay, I saw it said “canceled” next to the name of my VPS. I immediately contacted them. At which point (several days later) I was told there was a back up and it could be restored for a $50 fee. I didn’t have it at the time. They informed me that this back up could be over written at any time the longer I waited.

On December 2nd, 2019 our home caught fire and we were forced to leave it. We now live in our truck. I contacted them again to verify the backup was still there, as I had been doing frequently throughout the last month. At this point I was told the backup they had wasn’t a backup at all and wasn’t valid and that it never would have been $50 to restore my server anyway. It would have been $500 dollars. I make $771 a month. $500 isn’t a reasonable amount and it most certainly isn’t what I had been told for the last month.

I eventually was able to get a call from them where their philosophy was basically “Too bad. That’s not our problem.”

I had an agreement for 8 years. I had never paid a late fee till suddenly last year. And the the last email I got was about a suspension. NEVER was I even INFORMED that my VPS would be suspended or was even suspended period after it happened! I have no doubt they would have taken more monthly payments from me if I hadn’t contacted them asking what was going on. I don’t think they were would have told me. They have a history of not informing me of issues or changes going on to my account or billing. Especially when it involves money I’ve now noticed.

And I mean, after 8 years they don’t have a single back up? I chose them originally because they did nightly backups and apparently none have been done or kept in 8 years.

I will be contacting both a lawyer and the Better Business Bureau about this.
Carlos Arias
Carlos Arias de Estados Unidos,

Has From Amazing to Worse

I been with hostdime for 12 yrs.. they were the best.. Fast Support, they helped with whatever to make sure the customer is happy. I probably recommend over 1000 clients to host dime in my Web Development Career. not even asking f...Leer másor a single affiliate commission in return. The past 3 yrs.. has been getting worse.. and past year.. i had to take 3 of my dedicated clients away from them. One time a site was down they didn't get to it over 7 hours... then told us to provide them with a tracert return which i did within 5 minutes that ticket didn't get looked at for another 5 hours... in overall the site was down for a weekend with the games they were playing. Now they charge for everything you want the free services they were offering before pay for it.. you want SSL installed pay for it.. Most of anything that is free at other hosting companies you have to pay for it now.. The customer service became so bad and impersonal. You might as well talk to a heartless careless bot.

Reliability great if your site stays up with no problems
Price .. not for what you get .. way too expensive..
User Friendly.. pfft.. not at all..
Support.. if you want to wait 4 hours minimum
Features... none.. you have to pay for them all.
Kamal Thind
Kamal Thind de India,

Great Hosting services with Low Prices

Using Hostdime's hosting services from 2011, a great experience with HD company.
what's the best :
1. Own Severs
2. Low Prices
3. Excellent Support Team ( they all are very good)

but sometimes there's downserver problem. But i recommend to all Hostdime services

Good Luck :)
Bess Angello
Bess Angello de Estados Unidos,

HostDime is AMAZING!! Whenever there is a problem they take care of it right away! Their technical team is 24/7.

HostDime is Amazing. Whenever there is a problem they take care of it right away! Their technical team is 24/7. Their customer service is superb! They know their business and how to make things flow with NO problem!! HOSTDIME IS D...Leer másEFINITELY the one company to go with!! IF YOU NEED HOSTING GO WITH HOSTDIME!! We have been with them for 8 EIGHT years!!Menos

Reseña de experto

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Empresa grande y global de alojamiento web con servicios geniales

HostDime se fundó en 2001 y rápidamente creció hasta el punto que ahora es uno de los mayores proveedores de alojamiento web que existan. Con más de dos millones de dominios alojados en sus servidores, pueden soportar casi cualquier tipo de sitio web.

Tiene centros de datos en varias áreas, inclusive los Estados Unidos, Europa, Sudamérica y más. HostDime ofrece todo desde paquetes de alojamiento web compartido para nivel inicial y hasta servidores dedicados de alta gama, lo cual convierte a esta empresa en una buena opción para cualquier tipo de sitio.

Si revisas su Facebook u otra página de red social verás algunos clientes enojados que experimentaron un servicio de atención al cliente poco útil. Es difícil decir si en realidad es un problema o si solo estas personas son las que publican todo eso. De cualqueir manera, con más de 2 millones de clientes, vas a tener algunas experiencias malas. En general, sus servicios parecen tener calificaciones altas entre los clientes actuales.

Precios, Planes y Características de HostDime - 2022

Planes de Hosting VPS

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio Puntuación
wVPS.1 20 GB - 768 MB 40,00 € 5.1 Detalles
VPS1 30 GB - 1 GB 50,00 € 2.8 Detalles
wVPS.2 30 GB - 1 GB 50,00 € 5.1 Detalles
VPS2 50 GB - 2 GB 60,00 € 5.1 Detalles
VPS3 70 GB - 3 GB 75,00 € 5.1 Detalles
wVPS.3 40 GB - 2 GB 75,00 € 5.1 Detalles
VPS4 90 GB - 4 GB 90,00 € 5.1 Detalles

Planes de Servidor Dedicado

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio Puntuación
Intel Atom D510 500 GB 2 x 2.00GHz 2 GB 145,00 € 5.1 Detalles
Intel Xeon E3-1270 500 GB 4 x 4.00GHz 4 GB 200,00 € 5.1 Detalles
Xeon E5520 500 GB 8 x 2.00GHz 8 GB 325,00 € 5.1 Detalles
Hexa-Core E5-2620 500 GB 12 x 2.00GHz 12 GB 425,00 € 5.1 Detalles
Octo-Core E5-2670 500 GB 16 x 3.00GHz 16 GB 750,00 € 5.1 Detalles

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