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Hosting Compartido 5,14 € - 16,97 €
VPS 12,94 € - 103,50 €


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Jimmy Ruska
Jimmy Ruska de Estados Unidos,

Holds domain name hostage

Asked for a domain transfer code. It wasn't sent. I changed my email in case they were flagged as malicious. They said my account would be locked for a month for changing my email.

1 month later. My I wasn't able to unlock my domain, despite spending all day trying.
John Arnold
John Arnold de Estados Unidos,

Enom(central) and Tucows - about to go out of business - BEWARE

I am stuck with Enom(central) because my .tv domain is considered a "premium"....and therefore is non-transferrable.

Their renewal process is broken (date: July 1 and 2, 2020). All sorts of problems that even their Support rep ...Leer más(after waiting for 36 minutes with really irritating music....and then Josh working for another 15 minutes and still unable to figure out a fix) couldn't remedy.

I looked up their holding company (Tucow)....and it appears their revenue is tanking and they're about to go out of business.

Craig Edmonds

Enom/Tucows is the worst - AVOID AVOID AVOID

I had been a Platinum reseller with Enom for over 17 years and considered myself to be a loyal client of Enom. (To be a platinum reseller in the past you had to pay $1,500 so I had PAID to be a platinum reseller)

Despite there ...Leer másbeing much cheaper alternatives to Enom for .com domains (EG: NameCheap, Godaddy, ResellerClub), I have alway stuck with Enom throughout the years.

I was then "thanked" for that loyalty by receiving an email on the 1st of May 2018 saying that my prices for .com domains will be increased 35% + on the 30th of May, not even a months notice.


The reason for the increase given in the email is that they will be implementing "significant changes" to their pricing model in an effort to establish more transparent pricing and reward resellers for high volume and growth. The irony in that statement is that whilst they consider it an "effort to provide transparence and reward", my impression is that they are trying to squeeze profits but disguise this with marketing jargon. Its literally a scene from Dilbert!

For example, I was paying $9.98 for .com domains and according to the notification, at the end of May this is increased to $13.50.

I have 350 domains so this increase takes over $1,000 a year DIRECTLY from my pocket and gives it, as PURE PROFIT to Enom which would not be absurd but for the fact that Enom is now owned by Tucows who offer their resellers .com domains for $12.

The sad thing is, that the only option I have would be to transfer the domains to someone like Godaddy who offer their .com domains for $8.95 or NameCheap who offer their domains for $9.92 but this of course require a significant amount of works and cost to me so there is not much I can do as you have me over a barrel as the saying goes and Enom knows it.

I appreciate a company has to make money but I think pushing aside those people that helped build that company is not very good form at all. Even google would not do something like that!

At the very least I would have expected my prices to be grandfathered in rather than being told that I need to pay an extra $1,000 a year for my domains starting within 30 days.

Really disgusting company.

Josep G B
Josep G B de España,

Evitar a toda costa

Solicitado un traslado de dominio a namecheap. Me facilitan el auth code, pero se niegan a que el proceso se pueda hacer manualmente, amparándose en la excusa de la seguridad.

Aunque se ha pagado la cuota al nuevo registrador, ...Leer másmantienen el mensaje de dominio expirado negándose a traspasarlo. Dicen que es un proceso automatizado que se llevará a cabo en 5-7 días. Hoy es el quinto día de la solicitud, y nada. En 10 años trabajando con registradores, jamás había visto algo parecido.Menos
Juanita Criscologo
Juanita Criscologo de Estados Unidos,
Moved from Bluehost

Your business will have losses if you choose to work with them.

Doing any business with Enom will do far more harm to you and your business than good (which is their very own claim). They are not here to help. The attitudes carried out by its staff are adolescent at best. Enom's support manage...Leer másrs are consistently beligerant and passive aggressive. Even if you call and try complimenting, and stroking their ego of intelligence and knowledge, it will result in far more time wasting than it could ever possibly be worth. So If you have any need to rely on these people for anything, take note that it is a massive mistake to do so. A year after cancelling services with them I am still hit up with trumped up charges, illusive responses, and ignorant to incompetant responses with unsubstantiated claims. I am now referring this matter to the Better Business Beareau and the Washington State Attorney Generals office for unethical business practices as there is a lot more to this matter than I can possibly fit into a Google review. Fair warning, dealing with these guys will do far more harm than good.Menos
Alex B
Alex B de Canadá,

Holding My Client's Domain Hostage

I contacted this company repeatedly about transferring my client's domain to his new host and was told every time that everything was unlocked. It was only after I 6 hours did they tell me it actually WAS locked. I wasted 6 hours ...Leer másof my time to try to get them to unlock it.

I am furious at this point that they have been blackballing me, trying to keep my client's domain so that they can continue charging him money.


Precios, Planes y Características de eNOM - 2021

Planes de Hosting Compartido

Nombre del Plan Espacio Ancho de banda Panel Número de sitios Precio Puntuación
Starter 20 GB Ilimitado Ilimitado 5,14 € 2.0 Detalles
Advanced 40 GB Ilimitado Ilimitado 8,42 € 2.2 Detalles
Business 100 GB Ilimitado Ilimitado 16,97 € 2.0 Detalles

Planes de Hosting VPS

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM OS (Sistema Operativo) Precio Puntuación
Starter Plan 30 GB - 1 GB 12,94 € 2.2 Detalles
VPS 2 60 GB - 2 GB 25,87 € 2.0 Detalles
VPS 3 120 GB - 4 GB 51,75 € 2.2 Detalles
VPS 4 240 GB - 8 GB 103,50 € 2.0 Detalles

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