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Hosting Cloud 5,36 € - 1.324,66 €

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Александр Гаврилюк

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Александр Гаврилюк,
Люди, не тратьте время на перебор вариантов - сразу go to Amazon, не пожалеете :-)
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Natan Ray
Natan Ray de India,

Stay AWS from 1000 miles!

AWS is really horrible, don't know how such big companies made shitty products. I have a bucket on AWS S3, and have some backup files in this. But, when my project is ended, I am unable to terminate the bucket, their bucket termin...Leer másation process is super slow, the system deleting file one by one, also the termination process cannot run on background, so if you close the page the process will be stopped. We have no other choice instead of keeping our computer on for 3-4 days and delete the bucket keeping the screen on.Menos
John Swelling
John Swelling de Estados Unidos,

Amazon AWS takes political sides and will deplatform you on baseless claims

Amazon AWS takes political sides and will deplatform you on baseless claims.
Amazon has acted in an extremely unethical way to destroy social media competitors for facebook and twitter due to executives being friends.
Amazon ...Leer máshas been pulled in front of Congressional Antitrust hearing for unethical behavior. I would not recommend anyone to use their products and services. Stay far far away or you might end up like Parler. Boycott the bastardsMenos
Andrew Mathers
Andrew Mathers de Australia,


AWS, I wouldn't recommend you to go with them as it can be very hard to manage and you may be charged for things automatically that you are not aware of. They have no idea what they are doing, there is now AMAZON WEB SERVICE, it should be renamed AMAZON WEB SCAM.
Tei Dessere
Tei Dessere de Reino Unido,

Expensive, complicated and difficult to maintain

AWS offers no benefits over a Linux server. It is far more expensive, even when employing a serverless solution, and is orders of magnitude more complicated to set up and maintain, particularly networking. It is less reliable, wit...Leer másh services for entire regions going down for several hours multiple times per year. Documentation is the single worst in the technology industry and support is entirely unhelpful and defensive. I resent that I have been required to use AWS in my working life.Menos
Sumith Goonetilleke

Is AWS running out of Money?

I am a student, and try to do a project via AWS as my University pushed me to do, I had a basic plan with free tier. I changed it to Developer to get support otherwise AWS do not support. (This gives us the sense of how good the s...Leer máservice is) Then I paid $30 and got the dev support, and no special support has received, and I cancelled. Then the next month just 3days in, I got another bill from AWS $31.90 for developer support even after cancelled. I called AWS to dispute the charges, Ironically AWS has no log files of my cancellation. What a great service. God bless you AWS.!!!Menos

Reseña de experto

Eliran Ouzan
Eliran Ouzan
Diseñador Web y Experto en Hosting

Servicios web de Amazon.com

Amazon.com opera este servicio, por lo que es totalmente diferente a lo que se encuentra en el mercado. No solo provee alojamiento web, sino que también ofrece variedad de servicios para asistir a las empresas. Tal parece que en su mayoría se enfocan en usuarios y empresas que venden productors por Amazon, pero no encontré restricción alguna que limite su uso a solo este tipo de páginas.

Ofrece muchas opciones para elegir, pero no es lo que acostumbras. La mayor utilidad de este servicio se encuentra en el balance de carga y derivarle algunas tareas de alojamiento web y procesamiento a Amazon, debido a que tiene la infraestructura para soportarlo. En conclusión, éste es en realidad un conjunto de servicios destinados a los expertos en la web y a aquellos que requieran las características específicas que ofrece este servicio.

Precios, Planes y Características de Amazon Web Services (AWS) - 2023

Planes de hosting en la nube

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM Ancho de banda Precio Puntuación
EC2 Spot Instances - m3.medium Ilimitado - 0 B Ilimitado 5,36 € 1.6 Detalles
EC2 Reserved instances - M3.Large Ilimitado - 0 B Ilimitado 67,15 € 3.7 Detalles
EC2 Dedicated instances Ilimitado - 0 B Ilimitado 1.324,66 € 1.4 Detalles

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