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bekir cuneyt bayraktar
bekir cuneyt bayraktar de Singapur,

AWS Free Tier Scam -

AWS Free Tier Scam, No wonder how Jeff Bezos is getting richer and richer, by scamming people with AMAZON Web services. Actually not just AWS, I believe all amazon services are SCAM. First they are sending emails to "Try out AWS w...Leer másith free tier" services. All was i did tried launching 2 instances via Terraform Cloud for my study. And next month i got charged 8.50 SGD to my account, (I didn't even use the instances after launch. But Don't worry Amazon, you can only fool people once.Menos
Georgii Diakov
Georgii Diakov de Polonia,

Це просто знущання ващі грощі

Дійсно працює добре так це списання грошей з карти, плюс хакери додатково списають на рахунок Амазону. Також треба питати сезоність відпусток техпідтримки!
Patricia Da Silva
Patricia Da Silva de Estados Unidos,

The worst customer service

I got charge after cancel account. Extremely hard to get in touch with someone. When I talk about cancel the chat just stop. Have to contact many times. Now trying to get refund is Almost impossible. Never never sign up for this. Communication should be the first priority of every business.
Jacob Sills
Jacob Sills de Estados Unidos,

AWS free tier is a SCAM

Back in March, I opened up a free tier just to watch videos and study for some of their certifications. Some how instances got opened up, so I contacted support. I thought I did it by accident. I shut it down and asked them to co...Leer másnfirm before I deactivated my account, which they did. Still got charged more than I thought, but paid it thinking it was my fault. Here comes May and I’m charged four times more. I try to get back into my account and can’t. I have to create a whole new account just to talk to support. This whole thing is a mess. I left a complaint with the BBB. AWS needs to get its act together. Terrible policies and customer support.Menos
rob pepper
rob pepper de Estados Unidos,

Not able to use the instances

This is frustrating when I added a new user, then su newuser, couldn't go back to root by all means. It says not in sudoers afterwards. I've no root password, neither able to login from putty, it said login as ubuntu which rejecte...Leer másd key, but i can login as newuser into newuser account. I sent 3 emails to support, no response. Hope I can do something here since my website is down for days. Their instances are retarded, support are horrible for simple problems such as refusing public key when login as ubuntu while I was still able to use root, their chat support won't do anything to help!
Live Chat (Case ID - 9507383051)End Chat
You are now connected to Manny P. from AWS. Please type your question below.
Regarding case 9507383051
1:40:24 PM
1:40:37 PM
Manny P.:
Hello, my name is Manny P.. I'm here to help you today.
1:40:52 PM
Yes, how to add .ssh to login folder?
1:41:12 PM
it has keys
1:41:21 PM
Manny P.:
I am pulling up the case right now.
1:42:21 PM
1:44:13 PM
1:45:45 PM
Manny P.:
I am still reviewing the account this should take a few minutes.
1:46:24 PM
1:47:34 PM
Manny P.:
Are you a attempting to add a new user? Or just logging in?
1:50:26 PM
what's the difference?
1:51:11 PM
could I add a user on the fly to login?
1:51:23 PM
By default, it's ubuntu
1:51:40 PM
1:54:21 PM
Manny P.:
I'm looking for Docs that could help you. Since it looks your inquiry it is a bit outside our scope. Here in the Billing and Accounts department We don’t handle technical questions.
1:54:52 PM
I am able to add user, but not connecting from filezillar/ssh
1:56:00 PM
There're login keys
1:56:35 PM
1:58:48 PM
Manny P.:
I was able to found this Guide/Docs that It may help you
1:59:42 PM
Manny P.:
https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/k...(See full link)
1:59:46 PM
Manny P.:
https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/late...(See full link)
2:00:53 PM
It's not connecting
2:01:34 PM
2:01:41 PM
There should be a way to restore login
2:02:30 PM
it's gone for good
2:02:41 PM
We've website on the server
2:02:56 PM
it's down
2:02:59 PM
also customers
2:03:02 PM
hw to restore it?!
2:03:10 PM
is there a backup?
2:03:23 PM
why there's only one way/one shell to login?
2:03:44 PM
2:07:58 PM
I've the key pair
2:08:10 PM
it should have the private key
2:08:19 PM
Manny P.:
I'm still trying to get more information from Docs, forum since this is out of our scope.
2:08:30 PM
Or someone can help restore it
Manny P.:
Open the Elastic Beanstalk console , and in the Regions list, select your AWS Region.
2:20:42 PM
Manny P.:
In the navigation pane, choose Environments, and then choose the name of your environment from the list. ...
2:20:42 PM
Manny P.:
Choose Environment actions, and then choose Rebuild environment.
2:20:42 PM
Manny P.:
Choose Rebuild.
2:20:42 PM
2:21:42 PM
What it can restore?
2:21:55 PM
like Rebuild
2:22:00 PM
Manny P.:
Yes, to rebuild the env
2:22:39 PM
from brwoser or ubuntu?
2:22:45 PM
Manny P.:
From Browser
2:23:33 PM
it will restore the login user ubuntu?
2:23:54 PM
Manny P.:
Let me try to get more information about it
2:24:27 PM
Manny P.:
It's not giving me further information about the login user on Ubuntu but you can take a look a these steps:
2:26:27 PM
Manny P.:
To rebuild an environment
2:26:27 PM
Manny P.:
The following command terminates and recreates the resources in an environment named my-env:
2:26:27 PM
Manny P.:
aws elasticbeanstalk rebuild-environment --environment-name my-env
2:26:27 PM
Manny P.:
https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/...(See full link)
2:26:48 PM
Manny P.:
I don't mean to rush you, but we've been idle for a few minutes. I want to make sure our chat is still connected. If you aren't able to respond in two minutes, this chat will close.
2:29:28 PM
canot use aws
2:29:58 PM
wheres the keys?
2:30:07 PM
able to get it?
2:30:22 PM
Does amaz has a way to do it then use aws?
2:31:36 PM
Braden Tiernan
Braden Tiernan de Estados Unidos,

Horrible design and support

You have to pay for a higher support plan to actually talk to someone at customer support.

They charge $600 a month for RDS (something you can set up on your computer for free in a day).

There web-design is incredibly hard t...Leer máso use, and there's no easy way to cancel payments, the're still charging my card monthly even though I have everything shut down. I've contacted support and they have never shut down the payment or even considered giving me any of my money back.

You are 100% better off just hiring someone to do it for you then using the horrible system AWS has.
Hey Braden on the card charge call your Bankster and tell them your's is damaged Ipso Facto and Done Ab Initio Any scumbag that takes my money and won't talk to me in a civilized way is off my payroll, in a split second your ba...Leer másnk will issue a new card once a year. Just tell them the truth, it's damaged. What I need is a manual on how to administrate my website. I'm using IOS/ Online Access Fee and am very frustrated with service. Found out Amazon is the Host. I only have one CS guy or some idiot girl that answers the phone. Please advise www.maquismart.com
Lost in Outer Space
Oluwakemi Mary Omoshoro
Oluwakemi Mary Omoshoro de Sudáfrica,

The worst ever.. charging for a service not used,Creating suspiciousactivities to extort money from users,very annoying

I recently created an aws account which is a prerequisites for a machine program only used the free tier deep racer and deep composer nothing else. Only to receive emails of suspicious activities and I followed all the instructio...Leer másns to fix the issue changed my account and password but to my amazement they reversed it back could not log into that account for days and keep mailing suspicious activities. When I was able to re-log back in, they claim I used EEC2 service which I didn't use, am yet to even know how the aws cloud works I explained and followed all instructions to correct the issue the support person later told me it fix only to see me been charged for that same service I never used ..I dnt wven know what service it is .. For me this experience has made it clear aws trick people into opening account and if one doesn't use the account they will create activities to extort money out of the account owner.. this is my experience and it is not a pleasant one. If that issue is not resolved I am going to delete my account and will keep warning people of aws extortion.Menos
I am having the same issue. Plus their “policy” is that they can’t close anything out for you. So you have have to go through all this work that you didn’t even start. Talked to support in March and received a message saying every...Leer másthing was closed and your account will be deactivated only to find out that I am still be charged for April and now May. Terrible business!Menos
Scott Mastrocinque
Scott Mastrocinque de Estados Unidos,

Absolutely the worst mistake of my business life.

I subscribed to this DNS hosting for my business. I was unaware that they don't offer human beings for technical support. When I transferred my DNS and services to Spectrum, AWS did not do it correctly, and caused my services to...Leer más be screwed up since March 2021 until now 9/23/21.

I finally got a human being at AWS who claims that I did something wrong (I wouldn't even know how to) and that they are going to fix it and contact me about it. Right.

Worst sompany ever and Spectrum, they are #2.

What a hellish nightmare.

Reseña de experto

Eliran Ouzan
Eliran Ouzan
Diseñador Web y Experto en Hosting

Servicios web de Amazon.com

Amazon.com opera este servicio, por lo que es totalmente diferente a lo que se encuentra en el mercado. No solo provee alojamiento web, sino que también ofrece variedad de servicios para asistir a las empresas. Tal parece que en su mayoría se enfocan en usuarios y empresas que venden productors por Amazon, pero no encontré restricción alguna que limite su uso a solo este tipo de páginas.

Ofrece muchas opciones para elegir, pero no es lo que acostumbras. La mayor utilidad de este servicio se encuentra en el balance de carga y derivarle algunas tareas de alojamiento web y procesamiento a Amazon, debido a que tiene la infraestructura para soportarlo. En conclusión, éste es en realidad un conjunto de servicios destinados a los expertos en la web y a aquellos que requieran las características específicas que ofrece este servicio.

Precios, Planes y Características de Amazon Web Services (AWS) - 2023

Planes de hosting en la nube

Nombre del Plan Espacio CPU RAM Ancho de banda Precio Puntuación
EC2 Spot Instances - m3.medium Ilimitado - 0 B Ilimitado 5,34 € 1.6 Detalles
EC2 Reserved instances - M3.Large Ilimitado - 0 B Ilimitado 66,84 € 3.7 Detalles
EC2 Dedicated instances Ilimitado - 0 B Ilimitado 1.318,39 € 1.4 Detalles

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