Ariel Hochstadt, Exempleado de Google -donde fue Gerente de Marketing Global de Gmail y Gerente de Marketing Regional de Israel, Grecia y Sudáfrica. Hochstadt es el cofundador de HostAdvice.

Aries es un exitoso orador internacional y se presentó en más de 15 países para Google y de forma independiente como experto en SEO.

InMotion Hosting – A Unique Hosting Company’s Perspective

Escrita por: , 04/08/2016

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Sunil Saxena, the owner of InMotion Hosting. InMotion has been in business since 2001, and has been competing successfully with large, publicly traded companies, despite still being a privately owned company. Sunil shared with me what he see as the reasons for the company's success, as well as its newest offerings and plans for the future.

Sunil Saxena


The Top 20 South African Web Designers Share Their Insights

Escrita por: , 09/05/2016

South Africa FlagBefore I left Google to build HostAdvice, I was (among other things) regional marketing manager of Google South Africa. Every visit to the country was filled with the feeling that people there enjoy life and loves their country. For me, the presentations I gave in Google Events, were the most enjoyable I had till this very day. All because of the people I met, the laughter I heard and the beauty of the country. I wanted to go back and learn what the state of the internet industry in South Africa is? How well do web designers understand the importance of their web hosting in their business (do they even know where their site is hosted?).


Comparing 2017 Web Hosting Control Panels: Plesk Versus cPanel

Escrita por: , 06/04/2016

Whether you’re a big company leasing dedicated servers, a medium-sized firm starting a web hosting service, or a small shop choosing a shared hosting venue, the web server’s control panel is the gateway to your online business. And with a dizzying number of control panel options available, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the panels can lead to informed decisions, fewer headaches, and better performance.

plesk vs cpanel

WebCEO wants web hosting companies to sell web hosting as a loss leader while earning high margins with SEO tools

Escrita por: , 25/01/2016

Interview with Allen MacCannell, VP Sales & Partnerships at WebCEO.

In this interview you can learn from Allen MacCannell, VP Sales & Partnerships WebCEO Limited (one of the leading SEO Software & White Label SEO Tools). WebCEO was founded in 1992 (Rebranded from Radiocom in 2000). It was the first Desktop SEO tool and today offers a set of 15 online SEO tools for both agencies and individuals.WebCeo-Interview Allen MacCannell Continuar

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